Andrew Grayston

I am an investor specialising in SME mergers and acquisitions.

I have had many years of experience in the transport and automotive and plant hire sectors as well as in energy and renewables.

I am now looking to assist owners of Small and Medium-sized businesses who are looking for an exit from the business they have built.

I am keen to help owners who have no one in place to take over the business when they retire or businesses that are in financial difficulty and some assistance is required to save the business.

I have a network of investors experts and investors through the country.

Please contact me on 07540 050556 or andrew@andrewgrayston.com

Andrew Grayston

Andrew Grayston

Investor in SME businesses looking to assist owners wishing to exit from the business or to assist in growth.

Are you looking to sell your business?

If so please get in touch,

I am interested in acquiring small and medium businesses in most sectors throughout the United Kingdom.

I am not a broker and will not charge you anything upfront, unlike most business sale agents.

If for any reason I am not in a position to assist with your requirements I have access to a network of experienced investors operating throughout the world on deals of all sizes in all sectors so please get in touch and I will introduce you to an investor experienced in your sector.

Sell A Business

Are you looking to buy a business?

If so please get in touch,

I am regularly in contact with a global network of entrepreneurs who will know where to find the type of business you are looking for. Between us, we are aware of business in most sectors and most sizes throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

I am not a broker and will not charge you any fees for this service.

Are you looking for help with your existing business?

If so please get in touch,

I have experience turning businesses round that have encountered financial difficulties. You will be surprised what is possible with a fresh pair of eyes to look at the problem and what form the solutions can take to rescue the business from a seemingly impossible situation.

I have access to specialist bankers, financiers, accountants and lawyers all of whom have a wealth of knowledge to deal with difficult business situations.

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